Friday, October 06, 2006

"The actors you put together into a service will dictate the offering the service provides. The designer should therefore approach actors from two perspectives:
- Matching actors to an identified need
- Creating new solutions by mixing new or unexpected actors together"

What if one could go to Dr.Green, the sustainable doctor? Located on the countryside, in an old farmhouse with idealic surroundigs. Wouldn't it make you feel healthier just breathing in the fresh air and admiring the beautiful nature? Knowing that all the medication prescribed to you was organic, made by your doctor on site using solar-energy? Or how about taking a dog for a walk, on prescription from the doctor, preventing illness by activating and cheering up the patient? If the health-sector worked together with Norsk Akademi for Naturmedisin, Alternativ Energi, Norsk Kennelforbund and maybe the heartwarming Dr.Paws it would be possible


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