Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another idéa of ours is to combine religion and health. Faith can be an iportant part of the healing of the body, more pragmatically referred to as the placebo effect. One aspect is to simply incorporate a sacred type of architecture in the physical appearance af the health centers. We also discuss if the local church's natural centerpoint in society (historically) could be adapted by the health centers - a place to gather, to worship, to focus on health - to create a preventive effect. Maybe the catholic confession could act as a model for the patients appointment with his doctor?
We discuss if we need something to believe in in this health religion and stumble upon quant medicine (also called energy medicine) as an interresting option. This is basically communication through different frequences with the body on a cellular level, to discover different types of imbalance and illness in an early stage. The use of this type of technological equipment is already in use as a diagnosis tool in hospitals, so this could be a supplement to the meeting with the doctor at the "confession". Quant medicine equipment visalizes your health status on a computer screen. If the effects of how you treat your body were more visible to you as a patient, maybe this could affect your life style..?


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