Saturday, October 21, 2006

The final concept Medimin - the card and the machine at the pharmacies. The same concept could also be implemented just as a journal card system, without the machines. That would be both easier and cheaper to apply on the existing system..

The touchpoints in the service combined with the main emotions for each one of them.

Freedom is something that appears when you are relaxed and assured. There was a discussion of if the definition should be in control instead, and that might be more suitable as well.
Anyway, the superior feeling of being in control should be freedom; freedom to come and go as you like, metaphorically compared to travelling with a light cabin bag - no need to check in your luggage - just of you go..

Assured as in that youl feel that you have control over your own health. At the same time it should give you the impression of that someone's looking after you (your doctor or the system in general). When you need a refusion to a specialist, or when you need a new prescription this could be automatically updated to your card when you swipe it at the pharmacy. If you have prescriptions for chronical conditions there could be a service with reminders on sms.
The medicine-machine at the pharmacies could also help people who need it, particulary old people, to organize their medicins in daily doses.

Relaxed - the card should give an association to the travel bag kids sometimes wear around their neck when travelling; keeping track of all documents you need, like passport, ticket, phonebook, money..

First out is one concept that appeared through touchpoint cross pollination. It is an combination of a prescription and an automat. This automat could be placed at pharmacies, and your own access should be through a card that work as a journal to give you control over your medical history. We work with words, pictures and metaphors to describe the emotions in the concept.


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